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Welcome to the San Jose Buddhist Judo Parent Booster Club.

We think you will enjoy all of your new Judo friends and activities in the friendly family atmosphere that we have been known for.The Parent Booster Club is a separate organization from the Judo Club. Like the Judo Club, we too are a non-profit organization comprised of parents, members and friends. Our primary function is to assist the Judo Club and Sensei (instructors) at tournaments and other club functions throughout the year.

2020 Sensei Memorial Tournament Volunteer Sign-up

Parent Booster Club Meetings

Our Booster Club meetings are held prior to an upcoming event to coordinate the activity. Meetings are held during judo practice to make it convenient for our parents and friends to attend. It's a great opportunity to meet the other parents and find out more about what the Parent Booster Club does to help support the judo club. Meeting announcements and/or volunteer sign up will be sent via e-mail. Check your e-mail regularly and please keep us current on any changes to your e-mail address.

Fund Raisers

We do not sell cookies, candy or magazines, but like many sports activities, we do request our parents, students and friends to donate their time to help support our yearly events. These events would not be possible without your help.

SJB Judo Club Yearly Events
Annual "Sensei Memorial" Tournament

Our annual tournament is held the 2nd or 3rd weekend in February. The SJB Judo Club hosts one of the largest and most prestigious local tournaments in the United States, hosting over 700 competitors! The Parent Booster Club works very closely with the Judo club to coordinate this huge event. Volunteers are needed in all areas of the tournament preparation.

Nikkei Matsuri

This is held on a Sunday in the early part of May and is our biggest fundraiser. It is a one-day event held in Japan town. We manage a concession booth selling Udon and Lemonade. This requires volunteers the day before in preparing the food and construction of the booths, and on the day of the event to cook and sell the food. It is a lot of fun and a great social event. Parents, students and friends are all welcome and encouraged to participate.

Sea Cliff Picnic/Beach Party

Held the last weekend in June - one of our biggest and BEST events... Volleyball, swimming, fishing, sandcastle contests, games, food and more food!

Kikuchi Scholarship Golf Tournament

This is held annually in October. It's a fun and easy 9-hole golf tournament for adults, kids and friends. Proceeds from the tournament go to the Kikuchi Scholarship Fund.

Holiday Pot-Luck/Awards Dinner

This event is held the 2nd Saturday in December. Everyone is welcome as this is a real family and friends affair! Special recognition of our Mohansai Award is presented as well as special recognition to our students for their achievements throughout the year. It's a great way to meet everyone, indulge in great food, win prizes and see Santa!

Ongoing Events
Club Promotions

We hold club promotions twice a year - May and November. Students who have demonstrated outstanding effort and mastering of skills throughout the year in practice and in tournaments are presented rank promotions from their instructor(s). Refreshments are served after the promotion ceremony.

Local Tournaments

For our students who wish to compete, there are many local Judo tournaments scheduled throughout the tournament season, which is primarily from September through June. Local tournaments are always scheduled on Sundays.

For those who enjoy a ringside seat at local tournaments, volunteer timekeepers and scorekeepers are always welcomed and appreciated. The SJB Judo Club provides training on scorekeeping and timekeeping throughout the year during our regular practice sessions. We encourage you to participate when training is available as this is a very important area where we need a lot of support for our tournament.


Please contact any member on the Booster Club Board if:

  • you have any questions or concerns regarding the Judo Club or the Booster Club

  • there is a change of your address, phone, or e-mail address. Contact Phyllis Imada 408 379-7066 or e-mail so we can keep our records current in case we need to contact you regarding Judo classes and announcements.

  • you have comments or suggestions


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