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Vaughn Imada, Head Instructor

Daniel Kikuchi, Head Instructor

Jim Pennington, Head Instructor

Elaine Abad, Instructor

Rank:  Yodan

Year started with the club:  1990

Certifications:  Safe Sport; CDC; CPR; background check; Kata certification - Nage no Kata, Katame no Kata, GoshinJutsu, 

Kime no Kata; Teacher's Certification

Occupation:  dental hygienist

Spouse and children:  married to Gino Abad, sons Allyn (Ana) & Nicholas (Jackie), daughter Trisha (Erick),10 grandchildren

Miscellaneous: teaching Prejudo & Female class, competed in Katame no Kata, Goshin jutsu, & Ju no Kat

Albert Kato, Instructor

Rank: Godan

Year started with the club: Started 1968-1980 and Returned 1990

Certifications: SafeSport, CDC, First aid and CPR, Background check, USA Judo Continental Coach

Occupation: QA Manager

Spouse and children: Mallory and Jonathan Kato

Miscellaneous: Instructor of Advanced Class, Coach Local/Regional/National/International competitors. National Champion. 

Bill Horbaly, Instructor

Rank:  Nidan

Year started with the club:  1992

Certifications:  SafeSport, CDC, first aid and CPR, background investigation

Occupation:  Clinical Laboratory Scientist / Clinical Microbiologist

 Spouse and children: Sons, Bill, Scott and Dan.  No spouse

 Miscellaneous:  Started Judo in 1963 at SJSU.  Stopped Judo in 1973.  Came to SJB in 1992 with my son Dan and later started teaching beginning Judo.  I now help with the Junior Class.

Neal Kodama, Instructor

Rank: Sandan

Year started with the club: 2006

Certifications: SafeSport, CDC, First Aid, CPR, and background investigation - Certified.  USA Judo coach's certification - International level.  Referee certification - National level.

Occupation: Product Manager, Semiconductor Equipment Sector

Spouse and children: Yes and yes

Miscellaneous: Started on high school judo team (Judo is a team sport in Hawaii and I'm not going to say what years!).  Came back to judo at San Jose Buddhist Judo Club in 2006.  Latest competition, Silver - 2019 USA Judo Senior Nationals.

Lance Kawata, Instructor

Rank: Nidan 

Year started with the club: 2006

Certifications: SafeSport, CDC, first aid and CPR, background investigation - Certified. National Referee

Occupation: Program Manager

Roy Konishi, Instructor

Terance Bantilan, Assistant

Rank: Shodan

Year Started with Club: 1995

Certifications: CPR

Occupation: Associate Manager of Student Programs, Stanford University Alumni Association

Spouse: Vicky Van


Quang (Arik) Dao, Assistant

Rank: Sandan

Year Started with Club: 2002

Certifications: CPR, Safesport, CDC, background check, National (N1) Referee

Occupation: Research Engineer

Spouse: Astrid Dao

Son: Hugo Dao

Miscellaneous: Junior Class Asst., Mohansei of the Year 2008 & Joe Nakano Sensei Award 2018

Matthew Dong, Assistant

Mallory Kato, Assistant

Jarrett Miner, Assistant

Marcie Miner, Assistant

Destinee Nagtalon, Assistant

Rank: Sandan

Year started with the club: 2005

Certifications: SafeSport, CDC

Basic Life Support, Background check, USA Judo National Coach

Occupation: Student Physical Therapist

Spouse (to-be): Matthew Dong

Miscellaneous: Intermediate and Competition Intermediate Classes

Mohansei Award Recipient 2017

World University Games Team Member - Taiwan 2017

Jeremy Glick Sportsmanship Award 2016

2x Collegiate Champion for SJSU 2016 and 2017

Eric Nakagawa, Assistant

Sam Piearcy, Assistant

Frank Rocca, Assistant

Nathan Storey, Assistant

Andrew Takara, Assistant

Tommy Yamamoto, Assistant

Natalie Gonzales, Student Asst.

Rikiya Yamamoto, Student Asst.

Dan Hatano, Guest Inst.

Brian Nitta, Guest Inst.

Larry Okumoto, Guest Inst.

Steve Yano, Guest Inst.