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2022 Junior Judo Olympics Results

This past weekend, San Jose hosted the International Junior Olympics Championships and Junior Olympic National Championships. There were 1597 competitors with 2633 matches over 3 days. SJB Judo was well represented and our competitors showed tremendous skill, techniques, conditioning, passion, and drive. Some of our competitors phenomenally competed in 2 categories. Congratulations to all of our competitors for all their hard work to compete at the highest possible level in judo.

-Allison Takara - National

-Rebeca Hoang - National and International

-Christian Carandang - National and National IJF

-Candice Carandang - National and National IJF

-Alex Lim - National

-Shane Takara - National and National IJF

-Elisa Villanueva - National

-Carrie Itatani - National

-Cassie Itatani - National and International - Undefeated 8 ippons - Gold in both categories

-Emily Lim - National - Bronze

Thanks to all the instructors for preparing the competitors for this top-level event. Special thanks to the coaches that coached mat-side throughout the event:

-Andy Takara

-Lance Kawata

-Daniel Kikuchi

-Neal Kodama

Special thanks to team manager Sarah Jabin who tirelessly kept everyone abreast of upcoming matches.

Of course, the tournament could not be run without technical staffs manning the score tables. Thank you to the following volunteers to provide the ability to have the tournament run smoothly:

-Rachel Vuong

-James McCabe

-Jim Pennington

While judo is an individual sport, our competitors came together as one SJB Judo team. On days they were not competing, they still came early to help their teammates warm up. They cheered and supported each other. Kudos to our competitors for their awesome judo spirits on and off the mat.

Tremendous thanks to the parents for their unconditional support and amazing team spirit as well as our club members who came out to support our competitors. It was a very exciting three days of tournament and they were there to support each other, our competitors, and the club.

Thank you all.

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