Club safety protocols and guidelines

SJBJC member, It has been one month since we were able to start up the club on July 6. We believe that we have established our own safety protocols and guidelines to make the restart as safe as possible. Below is a summary. 1. Everyone to wear masks inside the building for all classes. 2. We are requiring all instructors to be vaccinated and to provide a copy of their vaccination card. 3. Two students under 12 year old shall not touch each other even though they are wearing masks. 4. Brother and sister or any family member will be able to touch in junior and higher classes if vaccinated. 5. We will limit partnering (junior and above) to one partner per session. This means that partners that are vaccinated can touch each other but we are limiting to one partner per night. 6. At this time, we will only accept new members that are vaccinated and have provided a copy of their vaccination card (12 years old and above). 7. On our signup sheet online and attendance sheets in the dojo we will indicate that only vaccinated students can sign up for classes if 12 years old or older. If you have not done so already, please send me a copy of your vaccination card. 8. We will limit maximum capacity of student, Instructor and visitor to 30 in the building at any one time. If attendance exceeds 30 we will ask visitors to sit in the area outside the large roll up door or wait outside the side door. 9. No standing randori or mat work randori. 10. We will maintain an attendance sheet for each session so that we know how many students are planning on attending and how many instructors plan to attend. At the dojo when you check in and have your temperature taken, please make sure to include phone numbers so that we can contact you if we need to. 11. We are providing hand and foot wipes at the mat area, sanitizers are located at various locations and the mats are sanitized after each use. The restrooms are cleaned and sanitized each night. We have installed a 14 foot ventilation/dilution fan in the warehouse area and 5 foot fan in the office area. The owner has also installed high efficiency filters in the AC unit for the office area. Vaughn Imada

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