February Announcement

Hello all,

February is in the books! We had 13 students who participated in our classes and I've included some of their February highlights below! At the end of our Monday, March 1 class we will recognize a number of student accomplishments achieved during the month of February. We will then deliver students receiving recognition for attendance, participation, uchikomi's and the video challenges their certificates/stickers/etc. as soon as possible.

February Highlights:

  • Attendance this month was IMPRESSIVE!

  • 8 students logged on to all 8 classes!!

  • 4 of the 8 classes had 12 students in attendance

  • 4 students will receive the perfect attendance award (on time and stayed for all parts of ALL of the class)

  • 3 others will receive amazing attendance (at least 6 classes where they were on time and stayed for all parts of those classes)

  • Video Submission Challenges

  • 8 students participated in the video submission challenges this month

  • 2 students successfully completed ALL FOUR challenges!

  • Our uchikomi of the month was Kouchi Gari

  • 2 students logged more than 50 Kouchi Gari Uchikomis!

For March we are going to continue with our video submission challenges and our monthly judo focus will be:

  • Strengthen Grips and Pulls

  • Tai Sabaki (body movement/positioning)

  • Seoinage

  • Ouchi Gari

  • Kesa Gatame (emphasis on 1 escape)

As usual, classes will be held Monday's and Thursday's from 6:30-7:30pm on Zoom. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to email me any time. Looking forward to another AMAZING MONTH of virtual judo!


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