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Happy 4th of July!

SJB Member,

Happy 4th of July! Hope you are able to celebrate the holiday in a safe way with your family. 

Attached is the Judo Activity Packet #17.  A reminder again not to miss out on our Judo livestream workouts during the week.

Stay safe.


  • Ko-soto -gake How to do this judo throw

Ko-soto-gake is a throw to the rear. Although it looks similar to Kosoto-gari there is a big difference. This waza is a gake. Hook the leg and drive backwards, rather than sweeping.  To see other foot-sweeps visit the judo throws page. How to throw with Ko-soto-gake

  1. Pin uke’s weight over the side you are going to attack. To do this pull down sharply on sleeve. Use your lapel grip to direct uke’s head towards the same side.

  2. Hook the calf and drive backwards strongly!

  3. Keep pulling down with your sleeve grip as your drive off your back foot.


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