Vaughn Imada: Head Instructor
Daniel Kikuchi: Head Instructor
Jim Pennington: Head Instructor
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Elaine Abad: Instructor
Roy Konishi: Instructor
Albert Kato: Instructor
Chie Swain: Instructor
Neal Kodama: Instructor
Lance Kawata: Instructor
Dan Hatano: Instructor
Bill Horbaly: Instructor
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Terence Bantilan
Matthew Dong
Destinee Nagtalion
Jarrett Miner
Urano Yuichiro
Marcie Miner
Frank Rocca
Larry Okumoto
Arik Dao
Nathan Storey
Sam Piearcy
Eric Nakagawa
Rikiya Yamamoto
Natalie Gonzalez
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 In an effort to limit the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Board has decided to suspend all Judo practices until further notice          (to know more). The 2021 SJB tournament is canceled.(more)

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Chie Swain: Instructor