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As members of the San Jose Buddhist Judo Club, it is our duty to ensure that we exhibit proper discipline and maintain a high level of respect and common courtesy to all while at the dojo.  Please follow and commit to these following rules and make them a common practice at all times:

  • Arrive on time to the gym (6:40 p.m.) in order to assist with laying down the mats.  It is not the job of the instructor to prepare the mat area.  Everyone should help so that practice can begin promptly.

  • Properly bow when entering or leaving the dojo and the mat.

  • Exhibit good manners by acknowledging the presence of your sensei, guests or fellow students by an appropriate greeting, i.e., “good evening” (kon-ban-wa), “hello”, “hi sensei”, “thank you” (arrigato gozaimasu) or “good night” (oyasumi-na-sai).

  • Maintain healthy personal hygiene.  Hands and feet should be clean before coming to practice.  Fingernails and toenails to be clean and trimmed.

  • Judo gi is to be neat and clean.  (Hint:  hang your Judo gi when you get home and let it air out.  Don’t keep it in your Judo bag until the next practice.)  Keep your Judo gi and belt together at all times and fold it properly if you do not use a Judo bag. 

  • Proper Judo gi shall be worn at practice as well as tournaments.  No jujitsu, tai kwon do or karate gi.

  • Always wear slippers or zoris when not on the mat.  Properly line up slippers and zoris at the entry area of the mat (together with toes pointing away from the mat area.)

  • No running, hitting, pushing, rough-housing, shouting, whining or crying.

  • Ask permission from your sensei prior to leaving the mat during practice, even if it is simply to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water.

  • Leave all valuables (like jewelry) at home.  Keep your personal items (coats, jackets, water bottles) in one place so you don’t forget them when you leave the dojo.

  • Be open-minded, attentive and considerate about instructions from your sensei.  Give it a try before saying “I can’t do it”.

  • After practice, stay at least 10 minutes to assist with putting away the mats.

  • Students should wait inside the dojo if waiting for parents to pick them up.  No running upstairs, in the lobby area or outside.

  • Do not enter a tournament without the consent of your instructor. 

  • Parents are not to coach at tournaments.  The instructors go through many coaching clinics and seminars and are certified to coach.

  • If you are unable to attend practice, let your instructor know.

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