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Zoom workout sessions Schedules

The following email is from our Student Instructor, Sarah Jabin:

Hi Parents and Students,

Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Now that summertime is approaching, I want to reach out and encourage our Junior students to participate in Zoom workout sessions Wednesdays and Fridays from 5-6pm! These Zoom sessions will give students the chance to reconnect with their dojo friends, refresh on basic Judo techniques, and get active. Following are some important pre-class information, so please review the entire message.

The link and the Meeting ID is listed as follows:


Meeting ID: 923 5629 9514

For those joining us for the first time, in order to access Zoom you will need to: 1.Secure a smart phone, iPad or laptop and either download the zoom app or go online to 2. Sign up for a zoom account. Signing up for an account is free and only a couple of steps. OR you can go to, click on "Join a Meeting" and enter the Meeting ID number above. CLASS PREP: 1. Before signing onto Zoom, it is highly recommended that students have their gis and belts on and a bottle of water. BUT if gis are not available, comfortable workout clothes are welcome. 2. Please have the Zoom camera turned on throughout class so we can enjoy seeing all those wonderful faces and for instructors to help students learn the exercises properly.  3. Lastly, please make sure there is adequate space (roughly 4ft x 4ft) for students to sit in front of the screen, step back and forth, and to jump around in (ideally where the camera can capture students doing groundwork and stand up exercises). If you have any questions or concerns regarding the class, please e-mail me at Looking forward to seeing and having fun with everyone in class! Sarah Jabin


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